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Fantasy Tapestry Kaleidoscope Linen Lampshades

Fantasy Tapestry Kaleidoscope Linen Lampshades

Susi Bellamy‘s Fantasy Tapestry Kaleidoscope Linen Lampshades are handcrafted in England. The linen Lampshade collection marries unexpected combinations of neutral and acidic colours with a woven, organic feel to create a more down-to-earth collection for the home. The plasmic effect created in the marbling process recalls natural textures that float across the surface of the cushion in candied colours. Liven up your living room with a lampshade of an abstract tapestry of corals swimming among oceanic fantasies. They certainly complement the Forwood Design lamps adding a pop of colour to any decor. The lampshade exterior is 100% linen. Finally the Fantasy Tapestry Kaleidoscope Linen Lampshades interior has cream card lining with tasteful golden metal hardware. 

Susi Bellamy creates vibrant, colourful interiors based on original and unique artwork painted in the studio, and hand marbled paper designs using traditional techniques. Her great love of colour inspires her artwork. Also her background as a fashion editor and her time working and living in Florence was inspiring. Susi has an MA in Fine Art from Northumbria University. She also works from Cobalt Studios in the Ouseburn, Newcastle. Further highlighting her passion for colour, Susi is also the chairman of the Colour Collective UK.

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Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 23 cm.
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