About Us

Forwood Design is a luxury British furniture and home accessories brand in Suffolk, founded by Henry and Lesa Forwood. 

All items in the Forwood collection are inspired by the beauty of nature. Whether it’s a grand console table or a simple photo frame, each piece is meticulously crafted to present a luxurious finish.

Designer-maker Henry has a hands-on approach to design and he follows each piece from its initial concept through the manufacturing process to its resolution.

A true material alchemist, Henry has crafted and developed a faux shagreen, boa, silk, and linen in a range of colours with wood and metallic finishes. 

Recently Henry has produced malachite and lapis lazuli finishes for Forwood’s collection of trays, coasters, treasure boxes and mirrors.

Whilst each Forwood Design piece is unique, the core philosophy remains the same: design by nature, nature by design.