Luxury bedroom design: How to create a cosy atmosphere this autumn

Your luxury bedroom design is one that should be all about comfort. Recent interest in interior design by neuroscientists and psychologists has shown that a home’s layout, design, lighting, and colour scheme can directly impact mental health. As the days get shorter and cooler, nothing evokes a sense of cosiness this autumn quite like natural, earth-inspired tones and finishes.

Read on as Forwood Design shares how to get prepped for an autumn filled with cosy home comforts, featuring our seasonal must-haves.

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Earth-Inspired Colours

Greens, blues, browns, and even deep purples compliment the natural tones of the autumn season. Think in terms of tonalities of browns and tans, including richer colours containing some brown, such as orange, red, green, yellow, purple, and blue. These earth-inspired tones tend to be more muted and flat colours, but can also be bright with added dimension–think: blues, greens, and even metallic finishes coupled with undertones of different shades of each colour. These colours have also been shown to create a zen atmosphere as it connects us to our origins in nature. Consider utilising earth-toned colours as a component of your accent pieces, especially if you’re reluctant to re-paint, and don’t forget about grey, as grey is a neutral shade that can contain varying levels of earth tones. You can also incorporate elements of nature through carefully placed art pieces like this.

Designer Lighting

One of the most important design elements when creating a cosy ambience, especially in your luxury bedroom, is lighting. Research suggests that along with biological effects, coloured lighting also has strong psychological effects on people’s moods. Studies have also revealed the direct effects of lighting on alertness and sleepiness. You can create coloured ambience lighting by using soft, warm light bulbs coupled with deep-toned lamp shades to invoke feelings of safety and comfort.  Orange, golden, and yellow hues are sure to keep you feeling warm, bright, and cosy. Perhaps the most cosy lighting of all is candlelight. Consider accessorising your bedroom with these gorgeous tealight holders to not only aesthetically warm your space, but also give the psychological impression of physically warming it too.


Adding layers of various textures such as velvet in rich, saturated tones curates a sense of cosy opulence. Forwood Design’s array of nature-inspired tones, textures, and faux finishes provide options for restful and functional items. This faux shagreen bed tray, for example, is the perfect addition to your room for snug mornings or evenings in bed. Consider using one of our delightful jewellery trays, beautiful treasure boxes or velvet-lined jewellery boxes to add another layer of style, whilst also decluttering your bedroom too. Consider finishing the look by injecting a warm velvet lampshade on your bedside table.