Christmas Table Setting Ideas


Winter arrives, an icy serenade, a coolness to bring out the warmth within. It radiates from those who love and nurture – and those who host festive dinner parties!  Read on for our Christmas table setting ideas and inspiration. 

Winter Tablescapes

We can include many elements in our dining table, but a key thing to be mindful of when starting to decorate is fluidity. Just remember to not clutter your table, if the decoration takes up too much space, there will be no room left for the meal, or even the guests! 

Festive Colour Palettes

Colour evokes so many emotions and utilising different shades is a way to add warmth and comfort to space, despite the chilly temperatures outside. Just because it’s Christmas, you don’t have to stick with a traditional palette of red and green! In fact, working with the style of your home, enhancing its glamour with suitable accessories, is a great place to start. 

Incorporate one of these inspired-by-winter colour schemes and amp up the cosiness of the atmosphere with an elegant touch:

-A metallic colour palette looks luxurious in any dining room since metals are extremely versatile. Our Jungle Leaf Display Dish made of cast aluminium is a great example. It goes very well with Christmas tones and can be mixed and matched with more striking colours like blue, depending on your chosen scheme.

Mixed metallic decorations are still on-trend for a modern and colourful Christmas – and surely add a wonderful bit of sparkle too!

–During these cold dark winter days, looking for a brighter and lighter palette might be preferred. This classic home décor lends a frosted aesthetic to your winter dining table, giving it a great appeal.  Our Rachel Winham’s Linen White Placemats are a suitable option. 

–The colour brown may lend a bad rap as lacklustre or bland, but nowadays, used correctly, it is as versatile as any other colour, plus a fabulous palette to inject a sense of plush. So keep in mind, warm brown accents make lovely additions to your winter dining table design. They can also be paired with a wider range of more muted shades, including tones of olive green, soft taupe and caramel, which are on trend this season, and incredibly sophisticated. 

–Striking blue! Blue is a whole decorating aesthetic to try this Christmas 2021! We love this colour because you can still pair it with traditional colours too.

Our wonderful Lapis Lazuli Tray is a must-have, as its vibrant blue makes it stand out among all the accessories. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional home interior, we love the elegant style it has as well as its versatility of use for your gatherings! Do you dare to try something different this year? You’ll be dreaming of a blue Christmas!

Mix and Match

All the complements are up to you depending on which style you choose, but it’s great to have many options for you to decide what accessories can mix or match. Here we present a must-have for the Christmas table to help get you started:

Candles;  Getting it right all starts with a good candle – and candle holder. Lighting has a very important symbolic aspect at Christmas. Whether you choose white, brown or even red candles, we are sure they will add that glow to your special night.

Natural elements

Let Christmas fill your home! Natural elements could give a freshness to the table décor, like seasonal flowers, earthy pine cones, branches, bright berries and cinnamon. It all depends on you, and your creativity! 

TIP: Don’t forget that strong smells can be overpowering when placed next to food – so place these natural elements wisely.


Adorning your front door with a beautiful wreath is a special way to start the festive season, and a great way to welcome guests into your abode:

“They captivate your senses every time you’re near – the look, the feel, the intoxicating scent – they’re full of the magic we crave during the dark, winter months.”  says Larry Walshe Bloom’s founder and luxury florist.

Before you choose your wreath, be sure that the size and shape will fit your door. Use it as a chance to exude the style of your interior this season – consider your colour scheme and what added accessories such as baubles or pearls would be suitable.

The foliage base is another key element to consider. If you enjoy the smell of pine or cinnamon, for example, a fresh wreath for the season would be a great option.

Napkin rings 

Sometimes we think that elements like napkin rings are not so important because we don’t use them much. However, if you want an elegant table, we believe these accessories are an essential! We assure you that these little details are what make up a memorable tablescape.

TIP: For this winter season we recommend silver and golden napkin sets, as they can more easily match any napkin colour.

Luxury Sculptures 

An interesting sculpture will always serve as a guaranteed conversation-starter! Our proud Peacock Sculpture is a lovely addition to your tabletop and combines beautifully with other accessories including our charming practical, yet stylish Geoffrey the Duck Bottle Opener.


It’s the smallest effort that matters the most!  Trays are one of the most essential items when hosting a get together. Whether you’re having a small drinks gathering or a magnificent dinner party, a stylish tray makes for a wonderful accessory for your interior and/or tablescape, as well as making your job as host a whole lot easier. Remember, there is almost nothing that cannot be served or displayed on a tray….

Here are some trays you can use this festive season, perfect also for a gift:

Set your Table

The organisation of your table setting is very important, and even more so at these intimate tables where special guests are gathered. Here are our recommendations:

First, you have to know how many guests are coming, so you can start organising which table you will use and also how many chairs and plates. 

TIP: It’s a good idea to make some guest cards so that everyone knows where their place is. 

Placemats are a great option to individually position each guest and for extra protection to your table against spills. At Forwood Design, we have a lot of luxury placemats for you to choose from, depending on your dinner style! 

Finally, the positioning of your tableware is important, for that you can go to our guide discussing fine dining table setting inspiration!