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Luxury backgammon sets by Forwood Design

Luxury backgammon sets made by Forwood Design

Luxury backgammon sets come in various shapes and sizes. The more usual and traditional boards are square but you can find round and horseshoe designs. The size of a board is governed by the size of the pieces or checkers or counters. There are also specific sizes that are used professionally and in backgammon tournaments.


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Luxury backgammon sets can be made from a wide variety of materials. The most common types are either leather backgammon sets or wooden backgammon sets. Some roll-up travel backgammon sets are also made of fabric. Furthermore, magnetic travel versions can be made in metal or plastic with magnetic pieces which stay in place on a moving vehicle.


Discover The History Behind Luxury Backgammon sets


Wooden backgammon sets are generally the preferred type because of the noise they make when the dice are rolled or the pieces moved. That clonk and clack noise has also become an integral part of playing backgammon.


When we say backgammon set size we also mean the playing part of the board including the bar in the center.

Furthermore, the Competition, Championship or Olympic sized board has pieces of 50mm diameter and has a board size of 660mm x 660mm. This also makes it the largest of the standard traditional boards.

The Tournament backgammon sets are slightly smaller with pieces of 45mm diameter. Because of this, it has a board size of 580mm x 580mm.

It has a board size of 500mm x 500mm.

Because of this, it has a board size of 580mm x 580mm.

Furthermore, the standard size backgammon set which are the dimensions we prefer comes with pieces of 38mm diameter. It has a board size of 500mm x 500mm.

Here at Forwood Design we therefore focus on the standard backgammon board size as it’s a comfortable size set to play on and does not take up the space that the larger boards do.

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