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Does your home office need a luxury makeover?

A guide to creating your luxury home office space

Is your home office in need of a makeover? Now more than ever, it’s important that your home office is an inviting place that fosters your productivity and creativity. Here’s our take on elevating your home office to provide a luxurious setting where you can focus on getting your best work done. 

 5 essentials of your office design

  • Desk & Desk Setup: You want your desk to fit your needs. For example, if you often work with a lot of spreadsheets, you might want to have a larger desk that leaves space for a laptop as well as a monitor. If you have a lot of in-person meetings, you’ll want to leave space for chairs on the side of the desk opposite of you. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting here during the day, so it’s important to choose a desk chair that’s both stylish and functional.
  • Lighting: Lighting is key to setting the mood in any room. You’ll want soft lighting that enables you to get into work mode, without exhausting your eyes by the end of the day. We recommend choosing a room at home with windows and lots of natural light.
  • Wall art & decor: You’re in your home office, so you’ll want it to feel comfortable, clean, and well put together, with a touch of your style of course. Try injecting statement wall art and decor – pieces that are unique and charming yet inject personality and interest.
  • More relaxed seating options: Many luxury home offices include a nook or space to add a sofa and coffee table. This creates an area for you to read or review your notes in a more relaxed state of mind.
  • Plants: Adding a touch of green to your indoor space can decrease stress levels and increase productivity.

Read on to learn how you can elevate your luxury home office space.

Desk & Desk Setup

The most important components of your luxury home office will be your desk, desk setup, and lighting. Your desk’s size and shape will be determined by your personal needs as well as the spatial area of the room you’re working in. You’ll also want to choose a desk chair that is comfortable and stylish as you’ll need to sit here comfortably during the day.

One way to instantly elevate your desk is by using a letter rack. This allows you to organise any envelopes and mail without compromising your aesthetic. 

To make your desk a focal point in the room, choose accessories that create dimension and add functionality. For example, Forwood Designs’ luxury trays, book ends, and pen pots create a cohesive feel while providing an organised and practical style. Consider adding a few photo frames or desk sculptures like these to tie your desk design together.


Choose a unique table or floor lamp that adds some flare. You’ll want to be sure that your lamp and its accompanying lampshade give off a bright, yet soft light. Studies have shown that harsh office lighting can contribute to migraines and eye strain, which ultimately will not foster your best ideas. Make sure your windows allow for some natural light during the day, as exposure to natural light improves mood and supports sleep due to its positive effect on your circadian rhythm. 

Wall Art and Luxury Decor

Adding wall art that expresses your individuality and creativity can enhance the space and even be a good conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when choosing your wall art. Canvas paintings, framed mounted sculptures, and abstract prints will be sure to draw you, your clients and visitors in.

Relaxed Seating Options

You might be at your desk for a large portion of the day, and although you’ve already chosen an amazingly functional and stylish office chair, you’ll likely want to have another designated space in your office to offer a more laid-back feel. We recommend carving out a space for a sofa, end tables with lamps, and a coffee table to create a natural room divider in an open floor plan. Consider accenting your coffee table’s design by adding a treasure box or backgammon board.

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A UK study found that bringing plants into an office space increased employee productivity by 15%. Plants will also work tirelessly as natural air filters, silently improving your air quality while you work too. It’s best to position your plants in an office space with ample natural light, but if this isn’t possible, there are plenty of low-light plants (such as a snake plant) that don’t need much natural light (or water, for that matter) to grow and thrive, but will still offer some natural green to your office.

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