Meet Our Founder: Henry Forwood

Meet Our Founder: Henry Forwood

Designer-maker Henry Forwood has spent 30 years (20 in Vietnam) developing and creating designs for clients worldwide. His passion for nature and knowledge of natural materials inform and imbue his designs, from their exceptional surface textures to the perfect tray handle inspired by a twig found in the jungle.

Henry trained initially with wood, exploring and learning the abilities of the natural material.  His desire to try new ideas combined with his alchemist tendencies then drove him to develop a faux shagreen. “I liked it because of its texture and ability to take colour well. I won’t use the real thing, so I came up with a method for making it with resin.” Henry’s ethical version of shagreen is so realistic it has fooled many.

A true material alchemist, Henry has also crafted and developed a faux boa, silk, and linen in a range of colours with metallic finishes. 

Recently Henry has produced malachite and lapis lazuli finishes for Forwood’s collection of trays, coasters, treasure boxes and mirrors, which enliven any home interior.

Whilst each Forwood Design piece is unique, the core philosophy remains the same: design by nature, nature by design.

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