Luxury Backgammon Pieces by Forwood Design

Luxury Backgammon Pieces

Luxury backgammon pieces, checkers or counters can be made from any material as long as there are two distinct colours. They come in a variety of types, from quite simple to extremely exotic. The following is a list of some of the materials they can be made from. Acrylic, brass, aluminum, leather, wood, stone and even semiprecious gems. At Forwood Design we like to use different coloured leathers – white and black – with a stainless steel edge band. Because these luxury backgammon pieces also have a nice weight to them it makes playing rather satisfying. Our pieces have a metal edge which makes a good sound when playing and the leather prevents the board from getting scratched. Interested in why we design backgammon boards? For additional information, read Henry Forwood’s article discussing Backgammon and its history.

The Backgammon Board is designed around the backgammon piece. The points (the triangle sections of the board) must be the same width as the diameter of the pieces used. The length of each point must be 5 x the diameter of the pieces. This is the case if it is a leather board or a wooden board.

The Competition, Championship or Olympic sized board has a  of 50mm diameter making it the largest of the traditional boards.

Traditionally the most common of the boards used is the  standard size board which has a checker size of 38mm in diameter.