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Susi Bellamy

Susi Bellamy portrait

Susi Bellamy creates vibrant interior collections in her studio inspired by her time living in Florence. Susi is an ex-Conde Nast fashion editor with a love for colour, texture, and composition that crosses over the boundaries of fashion and art, into interiors. She was a practicing artist in the years after leaving the fashion world and was inspired to create a collection after creating an abstract painting in a square frame.

Since creating her first capsule collection of cushions, she has gone on to expand her range into wallpapers, fabrics, and lampshades – with plans to diversify even further as her designs gain worldwide recognition.

She is currently stocked in a selection of exclusive stores, such as Liberty and Heals, as well as some independent interiors boutiques Her designs have a chaotic opulence to them: Boasting planes of rich colour combinations and inviting textures that make an eye-catching addition to any room. Their subtle sheen only adds to this decadent look, giving the designs depth and dimension. Susi Bellamy lampshades are surprisingly versatile, owing to their varied but complementing colourways, and look best when paired with an elegant shagreen lamp-base from Forwood Designs.


Susi Bellamy presents her debut collection of wallpaper designs, printed on luxurious Mica non woven paper. These colourful mirrored patterns accentuate the depth of the design taken from her original artwork and marbled papers. Inspired by traditional Florentine aesthetics, the designs are made modern with unexpected colour palettes and kaleidoscopic geometry. Whether for a feature wall or an entire room, Susi Bellamy luxury wallpaper is a unique, striking addition to any home.

Above: The fantastic swirls of khaki shades look brilliant as a backdrop to mid-century furniture to give a room a retro, slightly masculine touch. The unabashed vibrancy of these papers makes them a challenge to style – but by opting for pieces that pick up on the tonalities of the paper in flat, block colours and touches of more modern design (from 1950s angular chairs to sleek curved lamp bases) they can become as integral and well-loved in a home as any other design.

Khaki Fantasy Wallpaper – By Susi Bellamy

Susi Bellamy is often featured in the interior press, she was honoured to be featured in the Observer Magazine. With copy written by globetrotter and interiors journalist extraordinaire Serena Fokschaner and equally stunning imagery by Alex Telfer to accompany it. Susi is always making sure she keeps an eye on trends on the catwalk, as these indicators of colour, texture, print, reflect the wider mood of the market. Although she designs her pieces very intuitively, Bellamy makes sure that she creates in parallel with the design feel of the moment and always has something to offer that is new and exciting.

In the Press – Observer Magazine

We have noticed a recurring trend at the world’s most prestigious interiors trade-shows: Maximalist wallpaper. Susi took the plunge and decided to decorate the top floor of her home in some designs from her wallpaper range. Rather than create a feature wall and style the room around it, she decked out all the walls and even the ceilings in her bold marbled prints – shaping the space itself with colour and texture.
Below: The exotic colour palette of our Lavender Stucco Wallpaper brings to mind colours of the East and spice markets. It would make a statement as a feature wall or look incredible on the ceiling of a room for a dynamic effect.

Lavender Stucco Wallpaper – By Susi Bellamy

Embrace the trend with her range of wallpapers which are available to buy online now. Below: With a citrus yellow and apple green palette spinning in kaleidoscopes, Green Blocks balances between modern and retro, making perfect for a feature wall in a kitchen or a lobby.

Green Blocks Wallpaper – By Susi Bellamy


Lampshades are always a very difficult home accessory to choose. The range of shapes, style, fabrics, and prints can be overwhelming, and finding a base that works with your lampshade and the rest of your room is an equally exhaustive task!

At Forwood Design we were delighted when Susi Bellamy is announced the launch of her small but perfectly formed lampshade range. You can see the selection, featuring some of her best-selling designs with Forwood Design Table Lamps.

Luxury Velvet Collection

The Velvet Marbled Collection looks at recreating the organic movement of water through an interplay of vibrant colours in traditional marbling techniques and places an emphasis once more on naturally occurring colours and textures, re-imagined for the modern home.

Lexington Table Lamp

Our cotton Lampshade collection experiments with a retro-colour palette and globular details to create spirited designs that verge on the psychedelic. The choice of cotton for these marbled designs gives them a flatness and opacity that command attention and result in an emphatic design statement for the home. A slight nostalgic vibe emanating from the aesthetics of the 1960s and 70s and the mirrored graphics typical of this moment is thrust into the 21st century in unexpected colourways that ripple deliciously across their surfaces.

Natural Linen Lampshades

The linen Lampshade collection marries unexpected combinations of neutral and acidic colours with a woven, organic feel to create a more down-to-earth collection for the home. The plasmic effect created in the marbling process recalls natural textures that float across the surface of the cushion in candied colours. Lamp-bases are still varied in style, we personally recommend pairing Susi Bellamy lampshades with a sleek, perspex lamp-base as this provides a stark and intriguing contrast to their dense colour and texture.

Diss Column Table Lamp

The Forwood Design Diss column lamp is a stand out piece. Elegant and chic, the Diss lamp works well as a table lamp, desk lamp or bedside lamp. Beautifully made from brass and Henry Forwood shagreen it’s available here in seal brown, it comes with a light cream silk drum shade but works well with any of Susi Bellamy lampshade designs. They are perfect as an entry hall table lamp or paired with our Suzi console or side tables in seal brown.

Susi Bellamy’s designs originate from artwork she has created in her studio. Her Abstract Collection, inspired by her time in Florence, has a textural depth that echoes the strata of landscape and layers of crumbling palazzo walls while the Collaged Collection displays an amalgamation of her artistic influences through stucco textures, geodes and religious imagery from the Florentine Rennaissance. The Velvet Marbled Collection looks at recreating the organic movement of water through an interplay of vibrant colours in traditional marbling techniques and places an emphasis once more on naturally occurring colours and textures, re-imagined for the modern home.


Artist and designer Susi Bellamy selects her favourites from our current collections: “I love the simplicity and elegance of the Christie designs – almost Art Deco in style – and the beautiful detailing of the brass inlays that punctuate the textured shagreen. As a colourist, I am particularly drawn to the coral coloured Serena console with its gold-leaf trim and have one in my house underneath a large piece of art. The Sputnik mirror is like a piece of modern art with its circular design and patinated finish.”