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‘Green Planet’ Painting by Kitty Arden


‘In Orbit’ Painting by Kitty Arden


‘Jade’ Limited Edition Print by Kitty Arden


‘Silver Heart’ Painting by Kitty Arden


A Brigitte Octagonal Serving Tray


A Christie Octagonal Serving Tray


A Damask Mirror – Shagreen Charcoal


A Duchess Serving Tray – Magenta Pink


A Ely Mirror – Charcoal Linen

£385.00 £289.00

A Fitz Coffee Table – Barley Shagreen


A Gabby Malachite Table Lamp


A Kitty Arden ‘In Orbit’ Silk Drum Lamp Shade


A Linen Teal Tray with Greyhound Handles


A Luxury Bridge Set Teal Shagreen


A Malachite chest / Side table


A Malachite Photo Frame


A Playing Card Box in Coral Shagreen


A Shagreen Matchbox Holder Teal


A Sophie Box – Faux Tortoiseshell


A Sophie Box – Malachite


A Susi Bellamy Lamp Table – Seal Brown Shagreen


A Twig Handle Oval Serving Tray Charcoal Grey Shagreen


Acrylic Contemporary Tray – Tigerlily Orange Shagreen


Alexandra Malachite Rectangular Mirror