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Rachel Winham’s ‘Midnight’ Shagreen Trays


Jules Serving & Drinks Trays in Teal Shagreen


Bella Photo Frames in Eggshell


Sophie Box in Malachite


Bridge Set in Teal Shagreen


Cocktail Shaker in Nile Blue Shagreen


Jungle Leaf Display Dish


The Woodstock Drinks Trolley in Seal Brown Shagreen


Matchbox Holders in Teal Shagreen


Lapis Lazuli Drinks Tray


The Cliveden Drinks Trolley in Charcoal Shagreen


Kitty Arden’s Fern Coasters


Chandler Drinks & Serving Tray in Charcoal Shagreen


Wine Bottle Coaster in Charcoal Grey Shagreen


Bottle Opener in Charcoal Shagreen