In our Tray Emporium we have a suitable tray to suit every occasion. We stock large trays, small trays, hexagonal trays and oval trays. Whether you’re having a small drinks gathering or a magnificent dinner party we will have something that will suit. Our stylish drinks trays come in a variety of exotic textures and finishes, shagreen, malachite, linen and tortoiseshell to name a few. We have also collaborated with the acclaimed interior designer Rachael Winham to make some exquisite drinks, serving or display trays. If you are looking for a special gift or present, explore our Tray Emporium.

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Rachel Winham’s ‘Midnight’ Shagreen Trays


Jules Serving & Drinks Trays in Teal Shagreen


Lapis Lazuli Drinks Tray


Chandler Drinks & Serving Tray in Charcoal Shagreen


Tamo Ash Tea Tray


Tamo Ash Desk Tray


Tamo Ash In-Tray


Rachel Winham’s Linen White Shagreen Trays


Chandler In-Tray in Charcoal Shagreen


Jules Drinks Tray in Malachite


Jules Drinks & Serving Tray in Tortoise shell


Duchess Serving Tray in Magenta Pink Shagreen


Alexandra Malachite Drinks Tray


Desk Tray in Charcoal Shagreen


Acrylic Contemporary Tray in Tigerlily Orange Shagreen