Our luxury backgammon boards are gorgeous board games that will last for generations. We make then to the classic ‘standard size’ with counters 38 mm in diameter. The interior lining of these backgammon boards has a combination of beautiful Mappa Burl, Rosewood and Walnut. Importantly they have a wooden interior as the noise of dice throwing is all part of the playing experience. The trim on the edges of the boards varies with the board colours but consist of sycamore, walnut or black acrylic. The backgammon sets contain both walnut or sycamore shakers and two pairs of backgammon dice in black and white. Furthermore each of these luxurious backgammon sets come complete with handmade Mappa Burl ‘Doubling Dice’. All the exterior of our boards are covered in our original faux shagreen. Of course our backgammon boards all come in our fabulous Forwood Design gift packaging.

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