Do you enjoy playing a board game or card game? Here at Forwood Design we have a selection of gorgeous backgammon boards with colourful shagreen exteriors. We make then to the classic ‘standard size’ with counters 38 mm in diameter. All our backgammon sets are inlaid with rosewood, walnut and mappa burl. Of course the stylish pieces are handmade in stainless steel and leather. Furthermore each of these luxurious backgammon sets come complete with handmade Mappa Burl ‘Doubling Dice’.

Also see our luxury game compendiums which contain five games in one box, chess, backgammon, poker dice, cribbage and bridge.

For those who like to play bridge, we designed an elegant collection of bridge boxes. The boxes come in a variety of colours in our exclusive faux shagreen. The sets are beautifully lined in a luxurious colourful suede’s, smokey blue, imperial purple or crimson red. These bridge boxes come with pencils and score sheets.

Additionally our stylish playing card boxes are designed for card game lovers. Made of our original designer faux shagreen and trimmed with either walnut or sycamore wood. These gorgeous boxes come complete with two sets of quality playing cards. Moreover all our game boxes come in our fabulous Forwood Design gift boxes.

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