Wall Mirrors

Used by Interior Designers our collection of Wall Mirrors and Hallway Mirrors are a colourful mix of modern and classic. We have a variety of shapes to fit different living spaces. In addition to square and round we stock a selection of rectangular and octagonal mirrors. Looking for a statement mirror for a hallway or mantel piece? Our gorgeous malachite or lapis lazuli wall mirrors might be just the ticket. These gorgeous mirrors are timed in antiqued silver or gold metal leaf.

For a different classic look our gorgeous Lucas, Lennox and Etna styles are finished in either antique gold or silver. These mirrors certainly work very well in pairs especially either side of a mantel piece.

The original Sputnik and stylish Damask mirrors were designed for a more modern interior. Sputnik is hand painted while the damask mirror is a modern play on an old pattern using exotic shagreen.

For a more traditional look we designed the Henry mirrors using our exclusive version of shagreen and ether brass or stainless steel trim.

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