Our decorative items are designed to give character to your space. Inspired by nature and history, our sculptures, wall art and mirrors will be sure to create a statement, adding depth and personality to any space. Beautiful craftsmanship and quality materials ensure that each piece is eye-catching, memorable and unique.

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‘Green Planet’ Painting by Kitty Arden


‘In Orbit’ Painting by Kitty Arden


‘Jade’ Limited Edition Print by Kitty Arden


‘Silver Heart’ Painting by Kitty Arden


Beetle Bug Wall Art Sculpture


Book Ends – Faux Tusk


Bookends – Cambodian pelican


Cambodian Pelican Sculpture – Large


Cambodian Pelican Sculpture – Small


Dog Table Top Sculpture


Ecstasy – Bronze Erotic Table Top Sculpture


Eddie Lizard – Stainless Steel Sculpture


Hyde Park Tree – Wall Art & Sculpture


Jayavarman VII – Cambodian sculpture


Jungle Leaf Display Dish