The Sophie jewellery box is designed to securely store your earrings, rings, charms and other fine jewellery. It’s a sophisticated, chic and stylish design. The Sophie Box is the perfect gift for someone special and it comes in fabulous Forwood Design gift packaging.

Inject elegance and style into a bedroom or dressing room with our classic collection of jewellery and treasure boxes. Combining different colours and luxe fabrics, our boxes offer a glamorous solution for storing jewellery, keepsake mementoes and other treasures. The perfect gift for any occasion.

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Sophie Box in Malachite


Matchbox Holders in Teal Shagreen


Rachel Winham’s ‘Midnight’ Treasure Box


Tamo Ash Waste Bin


Rachel Winham’s Linen White Treasure Box


Boa Waste Bin in Antique Gold


Sophie Box in Tortoiseshell


Forwood Design Jute Shopping Bag


Ansley Jewellery Box in Teal Linen


Malachite Drinks Chest / Side Table


Chandler Waste Paper Bin in Charcoal Shagreen


Sophie Box in Barley Shagreen


Boa Tissue Box in Antique Silver


Waste Bin in Boa Antique Ivory


Matchbox Holders in Lincoln Green Shagreen