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Luxury trays for a superior home decor

Lapis Lazuli Drinks Tray

Trays are objects of beauty in their own right but also useful to group like items for a pleasing decor arrangement. A tray’s versatility makes them an excellent accessory for all rooms in a home, holding anything and everything! From kitchens and bars to bathrooms and coffee tables, a luxury tray can declutter and organise treasured objects, easy to reach items – as well as drinks and food. Read on to discover Forwood Design’s ideas to use luxury trays for a superior home decor.

Organise a space

Tamo Ash Tea Tray and place mats in Charcoal Shagreen


Decorative trays are a powerhouse tool for organisation and decluttering. Remember that less is more, so avoid overfilling your tray. 

Consider displaying a decorative tray in an entryway to hold keys and wallets – or on a vanity in your bedroom to keep makeup tidy. In an office, use it to organise pencils, pens and stamps. In a kitchen, to hold supplies or snacks. You can even place a tray in your living room to organise your remote controls, or as an impromptu table ontop of a footstool. The options are endless!

Boost your home decor


Jules drinks trays in barley shagreen

Trays are decorative accessories that make up the finishing details to your interior decor. Styling your decorative tray is a chance to showcase your taste and style, so use a tray that suits its purpose, complementing the items it displays. 

When styling your tray, consider The Rule of Three – which is more a system interior designers use to pull accessories together in a way that makes sense. It follows the assumption that items arranged in odd numbers are more appealing and memorable than even-numbered groupings. To harness the power on a tray display, consider limiting yourself to three ‘footprints’ on top of it. For example, a stack of books, a flower arrangement and a candle or art d’objet – all of varying heights and of complementing colours and textures. Alternatively, consider the tray as only one footprint on a surface – a part of an eye-catching coffee table vignette, for example.

Forwood Design boasts luxury trays in a number of exotic textures and finishes, including exclusive faux shagreen, malachite, linen and tortoiseshell, to name a few. Be sure to check out our Tray Emporium to discover one that’s right for you. 


A hosting must-have 

Oval serving tray in charcoal shagreen

Serving luxury trays do what they do best – serving drinks and nibbles to whoever is waiting. So, why not serve in style? 

From textural shagreen finishes to exotic designs, Forwood Design pieces are handcrafted with a focus on superior quality and style. Our drinks trays come in all shapes and sizes – from rectangular and hexagonal to oval and round. Our stylish drinks trays withstand coffee and red wine spillages. Just dab off excess liquid and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Could it be any easier? 

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