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Your guide to creating a luxury tablescape

Dining room with leaf wall sculpture and shagreen napkin rings

Want to create a luxury tablescape?

Updating a table set up from standard to luxurious can add elegance to interior design, and it certainly elevates the atmosphere and mood of your guests at mealtimes. If you’re looking for ways to create an eye-catching focal point in your dining room, look no further. We’re giving you a crash course in creating an elegant dining experience for your guests with these luxury tablescape tips.

Consider the shape of your dining table

The first element you need to consider is the shape of the table, as it impacts the feel of the room depending on your entertaining needs and the rest of the room’s decor.

  • Rectangular: Ideal for seating larger groups of people. Rectangular tables work perfectly in narrow rooms.
  • Square: This shape creates more intimacy in groups, as people will be placed at a practical and easy conversational distance from each other.
  • Round: Perfect for small groups and spaces. Round tables create a relaxing and contemporary atmosphere.
  • Oval: Adds visual interest and creates the illusion of occupying less space than rectangular tables, with the benefit of seating several people in a smaller room.

Selecting luxury tableware

There are extensive collections of tableware out there for your luxury tablescape. So how can we decide on the collection that best suits our needs? First, let’s start with the components of a good tablescape. A tablescape refers to a more all-encompassing idea than a simple centrepiece. It includes everything–from plates, glasses and utensils, to centrepieces and other decorations arranged in an artistic and visually-appealing manner. There are some key elements of a good tablescape to keep in mind as you’re planning your event or meeting. The following are your starting points, and you can create any range of tablescape, from simple to ornate.

  • A tablecloth, runner, or place mats
  • Plates, bowls, and other necessary dinnerware
  • Stemware
  • Utensils
  • Napkins
  • A Forwood Design Centrepiece

Now that we’ve covered the basic items that a tablescape includes, we can start thinking about colour scheme. When selecting the ideal tableware colour scheme, consider that long-term and versatile tablewares are generally your classic tones like white, black, grey, or navy, whereas colourful tablewares are considered to be more seasonal. You can colour-coordinate the rest of the accents or opt to use contrasting colours that create a cohesive colour palette.

Select materials and patterns that add an artistic touch to your tableware, like tortoiseshell finish or shagreen, as both are classic, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile. To make your table stand out from your average set up, include thoughtful accessories like napkin rings. This will add an additional focal point of interest to the table setting.

Want to be an expert in arranging your tableware elements? Check our formal table setting guide here.

Finishing touches

Don’t forget- details are important! The finishing touches matter most when showcasing your creativity in luxury interiors, and details tie the whole room together. Once you have selected the ideal table for your needs as well as the tableware and accessories, it’s time to focus on sophisticated elements to accent your design. Some easy tips you can follow are:

  • Coordinate textiles with accessories.
  • Select a luxury tray and use it to display colourful seasonal fruit.
  • Using a linen tablecloth adds an airy, decadent summer feel.
  • Create a floral centrepiece using seasonal flowers to transform the space and tie the setting together.
  • Incorporate some tea lights or candles to create a serene and warm feeling in the evening.
  • Keep functionality in mind and avoid overfilling the table. Think: clean lines with pops of colour and classic details.
  • To serve your appetisers like cheese and charcuterie, choose a serving board and place in the centre of the table.
  • Place all decorative items on a contrasting runner to add a touch of colour to your tablescape.
  • Add visual interest, fun, and character with sculptures or other art pieces that express your creative side!

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