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Pink dressing table with mulberry shagreen mirror and table lamps

Attention to detail

The importance of detail is essential in any home decor.  By paying attention to all the details, interior designers can select, modify, adapt or transform any interior element to create an aesthetically pleasing space. At Forwood Design, we go one step further by focusing on the elements of our luxury home décor and furniture designs – and how their finest details would help achieve balance or make interesting contrasts.

One of the indispensable design elements for interiors, and one we also focus on at Forwood Design, is lighting. It is fundamental for any room, as it allows for the creation of spaciousness, accentuates specific areas, and highlights textures. At the same time, it can add a more luxurious ambiance. Read on to learn more.

Types of lighting  

Good lighting changes and transforms a space. We can use light and shade to make a room feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric.

Luxury Shagreen Table Lamp

There is an ideal combination of lighting for each space in our home depending on a factor of things including the purpose of it, what objects are placed there and what mood we want to create. Going back to the basics, there are two main types of lighting—natural light and artificial light. 


With natural light, architectural elements such as skylights and windows are a great way to work with this. When choosing furniture and lighting, colours and textures of those products are important to consider – and how they might contrast with natural lighting throughout the day, as well as the seasons.  It’s also important to consider how the material will fare against the exposure of natural light. For example, whether the colours of cushions or tabletop might fade overtime from sunlight.

Desk Accessories from Tamo Ash Collection

Artificial lighting can still play a role where there’s daylight. A chic table lamp could add brilliance to a task area or brighten dark spots in shelving perhaps. With artificial lighting, we can play with the different spaces within a home, where lighting is most needed or where we can create a balance with other elements or home decor.  Ultimately, artificial lighting creates visual stimulation – drawing one to the brightest point in a space, so it is great to use to accentuate specific features in an interior space. So why not accentuate in style! Check out our lighting designs here.

Lighting your home

The atmosphere of your home will depend a lot on how well lit it is.  As scientific evidence has shown, most of the time our mood depends on whether our space has enough light or not. So even if it is natural or artificial light, keeping your home well lit will ensure a harmonious ambience.

If you are ready to bring light into any space in your home, at Forwood Design, we have everything you need to make it happen. Check out our furniture and lighting section with a wide variety of lamps that can be your best allies! For example, we have our fabulous Shagreen Table Lamps that can add a touch of luxe to any decoration:

Read more about what shagreen leather is and the process it has to make these beautiful pieces! 


We all want to get the best result for our home interior, so we cannot overlook light as it can transform our space for better or worse, depending on how we use it. It’s all about the balance of light and shade to bring new energy to an interior. Check out more about our luxury lighting accessories to help you create that special interior finishing touch. 

And of course, you can’t miss our collaboration with Kitty Arden art and the wonderful line of lamp shades! If you want to know a bit more about Kitty Arden’s art check out her story here.

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