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Hallway with console table and mirror

What is a luxury console table is a common question? In summary, a console table is a narrow table with either two or more legs that is bolted to a wall or free standing. As Designer Living says, they’re versatile furniture pieces that can be placed nearly anywhere in the home. Generally speaking they’re usually found in entryways, hallways and living rooms. Continue reading to discover the purpose of console tables, where console tables can be placed and how we design them at Forwood Design.

Furthermore in pairs console tables create an elegant symmetry to a room.In addition the console can come in a variety of shapes from semicircular and half-moon to rectangle.

Certainly nowadays the console table has a number of different roles. It is still popular as a hall table, but nowadays with the development of the sofa lower versions have become sofa tables. Of course other uses of console tables are as an improvised desk or a dressing table.

The earlier consoles quite often had just two scrolled legs with the back being bolted straight onto the wall. However this fashion altered over time and the console began to have four legs which meant it could be moved much more easily if redecorating was required. Four legs also meant that the tables could be freestanding in a room rather than attached to a wall.

At Forwood Design, we have created a collection of luxury console tables. We combine for example luxurious shagreen surfaces and delicate tapered metalwork in antique silver and gold. (See our Ellie, Suzi B and Clare collections).

Certainly there’s no doubt that consoles are a trend to stay and a must have to complete your furniture design inspirations.

Frequently asked questions about luxury console tables

Q.  What is the difference between a luxury console table and a sofa table?

A.  Console tables are normally about 33” high so they fit comfortably against a wall. Since sofa backs tend to be lower, sofa tables are normally lower than console tables.

Q.  What is the purpose of a  luxury console table?

A.  Console tables are normally narrow so are perfect for narrow hallways. Alternatively when space is a premium they can also be used as desks, bars or dressing tables.

Q.  What do you keep on a console table?

A.  Normally one would place a piece of sculpture centrally on the table with a striking mirror or artwork on the wall behind it making a clean looking ensemble.

Q.  What size is a console table?

A.  Even though console tables come in various sizes they are normally between 70cm and 82cm high and between 35cm and 45cm.

Q.  Where do you place a luxury console table?

A.  Console tables are most commonly used as hallway tables providing space for a sculpture as well as a general paraphernalia. They are also ideal behind a sofa, thus becoming a sofa table.

Q.  How big should a mirror be over a console table?

A.  The mirror above a console table should be quite large. Normally a mirror 50 – 70% the length of the table works well. Actually the shape of the mirror doesn’t really matter although it is worth noting that square mirrors look heavier than rectangular or round mirrors.

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