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Introducing The Tamo Ash: Ink Collection

tamo ash ink pen pot and tamo ash ink photo frame styled

Forwood Design’s Tamo Ash Collection offers a luxurious range of desk accessories crafted from the exotic Tamo ash, stained in shades Ink and Blonde with a brass or stainless steel trim. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Henry Forwood was captivated by the textures, colours and patterns of the Tamo Ash, one of the rarest and most figured tree barks in the world. Henry’s commitment to creating sustainable alternatives to traditional finishes led to the creation of this collection, showcasing the luxurious features of the Japanese Tamo Ash tree. The original blonde finish boasts uniquely patterned Tamo Ash in its veneer form.  We are excited to announce our newest Tamo Ash Ink, with added depth and contrast to suit most modern interiors and offices. 

Read on to learn more about the origins of Forwood Design’s newest collection.

About Tamo Ash: Ancient Roots

Tamo Ash, also known as Japanese Tamo Ash and Asian Tigerwood, is a rare hardwood grown in Japan and northern Asia. Its wild-figured grain patterns are not just distinctive, but mesmerising—so much so that it has been called “one of the most luxurious woods in the world”. 

The name of this collection, Tamo Ash, is a nod to the Japanese word that describes this tree, which originates from the island of Hokkaido. This collection not only brings nature into your home but also pays homage to Japan’s rich and complex art history. Tamo Ash has been used in Japan since ancient times and is a popular choice for interior design, especially in traditional homes. It’s not hard to see why—its beautiful patterns and deep hues imbue any space with a sense of warmth and serenity.

The Advent of Tamo Ash Ink

Born in the UK by Founder and Chief Designer Henry Forwood, Forwood Design is an established brand of carefully crafted luxuries with foundations in nature. Travelling the world in search of unique patterns, textures and finishes, Henry discovered the rare wood Tamo Ash, and it was love at first sight. He knew that he had found something truly special, something that could take his designs to the next level. The rich grain patterns and intricate textures of Tamo Ash quickly became the foundation of the Tamo Ash Collection, which now includes two distinctive finishes: Tamo Ash Blonde and Tamo Ash Ink.

Forwood Design’s Tamo Ash Blonde and Ink

The Tamo Ash Collection comprises several gorgeously designed desktop items, functionally crafted from the exotic Tamo Ash and stained in either Blonde or Ink. In typical Forwood Design fashion, each item takes inspiration from patterns and textures found in nature, resulting in a range of both classic and contemporary pieces that will add just the right amount of luxe to your home. 

From the sleek Tamo Letter Rack, Desk Tray, and In-Tray to the elegant Pen Pot, this collection is a tasteful assemblage that looks stunning in both contemporary and traditional interior settings. The Tamo Waste Bin is designed to complement the other Tamo desk accessories, while the Ash Tea Tray is perfect for serving drinks on an elegant rectangular platter. And, if you’re looking to create a cosy ambience in your home, the Candle Holders in Tamo Ash Ink are a modern classic. Each is handcrafted from stained Tamo Ash with stainless steel trimming and comes in two sizes, both with an 8cm diameter. One is 20 cm high, the other is 12cm.

Finally, Forwood Design’s Tamo Ash Photo Frames will beautifully display family photos on a mantelpiece, desk or shelf. With their luxurious finishes and intricate patterns, they’re sure to add a touch of sophistication to any room. And of course, each piece from the Tamo collection arrives in Forwood Design’s fabulous gift packaging, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

With the Tamo Ash Ink collection, you can bring a sophisticated piece of nature into your home and experience the beauty of one of the world’s most luxurious woods.

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