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How to Freshen Up your House for Spring

Spring is the ideal season to refresh any space. This year’s spring interior home décor trends consider a biophilic design, shades of green, maximalism and a vibrant colour explosion. Find some ideas using luxury home accessories to freshen up your house with Forwood Design. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design connects any space with nature by introducing organic shapes, colours and materials. The biophilic design evokes calm and freedom in a modern environment. It seeks our need to incorporate nature in our living spaces to improve our well-being and enhance creativity. 

To add this to the home, try to maximise natural light and ventilation and incorporate indoor plants. You can also integrate some using luxury home accessories like pieces of artwork that resemble nature. Consider the majestic Hyde Park tree wall art for example or a Tropicana leaf wall art that can easily become a statement piece.

In biophilic design, green is a colour used to re-energise your interior as it means harmony and freshness. Our faux malachite collection is created using a malachite pattern set on tempered glass. Slick, chic and elegant with vibrant green shades denoting royalty – a fabulous accessory for spring! 

Nature comes in different colours and forms. The handcrafted Tamo Ash Japanese wood collection, for example, looks elegant in contemporary and traditional interiors with its exotic yet minimalist style.



Organising a space to have more freedom and light in a room is also essential. Google searches regarding decluttering have increased by 700%. Then, this spring is ideal to organise and have visually clean spaces!

Good storage is the key to decluttering. At Forwood Design we have luxury home accessories to store and display objects that inject a layer of sophistication to a room too. Our trays, jewellery and treasure boxes are made in a variety of our exclusive finishes designed by Henry Forwood.  They are in different shades, sizes and textures that securely keep or display what matters to you the most.

Trays are amazing for decluttering a coffee or dressing table and can also be used for displaying. A tray adds a fascinating accent to décor and makes any get together an elegant affair.

Organising a workspace is also relevant and essential to have better concentration. Browse our stylish desk accessories that include letter racks, pen pots and waste paper bins. 

An Explosion of Colours, Big Designs and Luxury Home Accessories

To refresh a space, you can rearrange your existing décor to present a different visual appeal to a room. Play with composition and form. Then add the extra elements you might need to enhance the space. 

Don´t be afraid of using colours, designs and luxury home accessories that show your personality. Spring is a period of enthusiasm and happiness. Be sure to demonstrate that in your home décor! Our lampshade collection in collaboration with renowned artists Susi Bellamy and Kitty Arden are a stylish and easy way to do just this. Their wonderful designs bring drama, style and originality. Another way might be to hang some abstract wall art like our ‘Green Planet’ painting by Kitty Arden. Our beetle bug wall art has a great WOW reaction as well. We love both in any room, hanging above our console tables


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