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How to create your Luxury Bedroom

A luxury bedroom Sabina Table Lamp in Barley Shagreen

Your bedroom is a special place to be. It should be an area that promotes relaxation and an escape from the stresses of everyday life. However, at the same time, this space should demonstrate your personality – with a glimpse of sophistication, of course! Read on to discover elements to consider when decorating your luxury bedroom. 

A colour to relax and rejuvenate 

There is an array of colour shades you can use in your bedroom to promote relaxation and, at the same time, add that layer of luxe. Colour always communicates a mood. When injecting colour shades into an interior, your aim should be to combine and curate your colour choice with a selection of fabulous home furniture and accessories that suit.

For example, in a cosy master bedroom, a palette of pastels highlighted in the soft furnishing against a light taupe wall feels comfortable yet elegant. Pair with items from our malachite collection, including our malachite side table for a chic and stunning statement in green. Our faux shagreen collection also boasts a range of shades to suit while injecting another layer of textural interest to the mix. Items from the collection are also a must for a luxury bedroom, including our Sophie Box and latest Vanity Tray in collaboration with Rachel Winham. 

Grey, defined as one of the most elegant and neutral colours is another versatile choice to display in the bedroom. It’s an excellent backdrop for colourful art and furniture, like our Lapis Lazuli collection, bringing an element of softness and balance. It’s also a wonderful addition to a chic monochrome interior style.

Storing your secrets

To ensure luxury status, your bedroom should be organised and decluttered. Invest in luxury items like our Sophie Box to organise your dressing room or side table. This item will add that extra touch of glamour whilst keeping things secure and within easy reach.

You can also display things beautifully with our Vanity tray, which is one of our newer designs in collaboration with Rachel Winham boasting Henry Forwood’s faux shagreen, a mirrored base and antiqued brass handles. This accessory adds a distinctive style to a bedroom or en-suite, reflecting anything you want to display with beauty. Depending on your room decoration, you can select between the shades linen white and midnight – both ensure a statement piece!

Designer lighting for your abode

Designer lighting is also important for a luxury bedroom as, when properly selected, it assures a sensation of spaciousness, highlights textures or areas and adds magnificence. Lighting can be natural or artificial. 

Natural light is related to architectural elements that illuminate or amplify a room. Whereas artificial lighting comes with installed lighting and furniture like table lamps. 

To select the right lighting for you, consider the 3 different roles it may have: 

  • Ambient lighting: Adds warmth to a bedroom;
  • Accent lighting: Highlights some elements in your bedroom;
  • Task lighting: Used for specific activities such as reading or over mirrors.

At Forwood Design, our luxury lighting is designed to add a contemporary and elegant twist to home interiors. We boast a variety of statement, elegant and sophisticated lamps for your bedroom.

All our lamps are shipped with a light cream lampshade, but you can take your home décor style to another level with our collection of unique linen and velvet lampshades designed by Susi Bellamy. Susi has created a chic and vibrant set of shades in many colours that are surely a statement piece. 

We also collaborated with the artist Kitty Arden for a magnificent collection of her art on lampshades that bring drama and excitement into any room. Each lampshade is hand-painted so if you want to personalise it, contact us.

Attention to detail is the key to ensuring a luxurious yet cosy bedroom. Find more accessories to level up your abode on our website. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive recommendations and to be the first to hear of new collections on the way.

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