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Home Design Trends in 2022

Home design trends for 2022 involve a connection to nature and a nostalgic look to the past. They also consider a redefinition of home and comfort due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read on for some on-trend home décor inspiration.


Nature-Inspired Homes 

This year, home design trends will consider natural/organic materials more than ever, as well as colour shades that emanate that, including a plethora of nature-inspired green tones. There is a clear preference for design inspired by nature this year that is continuing from last. In fact, Pinterest searches for “green interior inspiration” in home décor increased 80% in 2021


Green is the king to enrich spaces as it denotes life and balance. It’s also a rich and grounding shade that compliments a variety of other colour favourites including warm earthy terracottas, neutrals and stronger colours like very perry. Therefore it can be easily added to current interiors.

With this emphasis on organic materials and patterns, our Forwood Design home décor items inspired by nature’s materials, patterns and textures are a must! Our faux Malachite collection, for example, boasts an exclusive finish designed by Henry Forwood, which replicates the luxury stone. The material’s deep richness has been recreated beautifully, with its strong and vibrant shades of green symbolising royalty and refinement. 


Looking for a more moderate approach to green and nature-inspired designs for the home? Check out some nature-inspired decorations, like our leaf sculpture or wall art


Statement Lighting 

Statement lighting – part functional and fashionable – is a popular feature for luxury homes, whilst doubling up as a piece of eye-catching artwork. According to Etsy research, there is a recent 27% increase in searches related to sculptural lighting, 25% for vintage lighting and 22% for colourful lighting.

Our stylish collection of Table Lamps are designed with a contemporary twist that will complement most interiors based on home design trends. The dramatic faux malachite and faux tortoiseshell lamps with their luxurious thick brass trim are examples of such statement on-trend pieces. These lamps are ideal for adding luxury drama into living rooms and halls. We have also designed an elegant collection of classic lamps more suited to traditional living spaces. Our gorgeous Diss Column lamps in faux shagreen and metal make the most charming bedside lights.

All our lamps come with light cream silk lampshades. Looking for something more daring? Check out our statement lampshades designed in collaboration with acclaimed artists Susi Bellamy and Kitty Arden


Multi-Functional Spaces 

These recent years have taught us the importance to have optimal areas at home for work and study. Now in the post-pandemic era, there is an even greater need to find a space to relax, entertain and socialise too. We want to be closer to those we love, and value time for connection – so it’s important that we can create space to accommodate that.

 drinks trolley is an essential piece of furniture for your living space if you like entertaining at home. The drinks trolley (also called a tea trolley or bar cart) is a fantastic way to display your favourite spirits and glassware whilst, having the functionality of a moving home bar. As a tea trolley, there is plenty of space for plates of cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and of course the teapot and milk jugs.

Introducing accessories, such as for your home bar is a must. Think bottle coasters and bottle stoppers for wine and champagne or an ice bucket and shakers to prepare cocktails. Appetisers cannot be missing in any reunion, so be sure to select the appropriate tray size and style to suit any occasion. 

Don’t forget to invest in good quality and highly functional desk accessories for your dream home office. Our stylish desk accessories sets include desk trays, letter racks, pen pots and waste paper bins. Our Christie, Holmes and Chandler collections are named after famous detective authors or characters. These accessories have the distinctly deco feeling of the author’s period with shagreen and metal trim. Our gorgeous Japanese Tamo Ash desk collection elegantly made from this beautiful exotic veneer and brass detail is another favourite. Our desk accessories come in our fabulous Forwood Design packaging too.


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