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Home Décor Ideas for Luxury Interiors

Blue ice bucket with drinking accessories to home décor

Creating a luxurious home décor requires attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship and the right balance of home accessories, decoratives, designer furniture and lighting. At Forwood Design, we offer classic and contemporary collections designed by Henry Forwood and inspired by nature’s patterns and textures to help you create that desired look. Read on to know some home décor ideas for luxury houses.

Home Décor Accessories

Luxury home accessories give a room its essence. They are the little extra pieces that interior decorators use to complete their work. For example, a well-positioned drinks tray or a poised linen photo frame might just be the finishing touches that bring your room to life. 

At Forwood design, we have a large collection of beautiful home accessories to add the finishing touches to your home. For the kitchen, dining or living area, we offer a stylish array of placemats, drinks coasters and serving trays.

For any occasion, Forwood Design has a suitable tray handy in all shapes and sizes. A tray appropriate for colossal dinner parties or intimate gatherings, for instance. These pieces were carefully created in a variety of styles with exotic textures and finishes. This is a result of Henry Forwood’s passion for design and supreme collaborations with acclaimed designers. 

Get your home bar primed for parties with cool cocktail shakers, luxurious drinks trolleys and elegant drinks trays. Explore our vast collection of bar accessories that fit with small and large gatherings. 

Turn your dream luxury home office into reality with the help of our unique desk accessories. This collection from Forwood Design was designed with a focus on detail, guaranteeing functionality, quality and originality. Our desk sets include matching desk trays, letter racks, in-trays and more.

Our desk accessories come in a variety of exotic materials, patterns and designs to suit every taste and interior. They make fabulous presents too, arriving in our Forwood Design packaging. 


Decoratives at Forwood Design were created to be memorable elements and eye-catching pieces of art in any room. They bring fun, character and personality – and we offer a variety of decoratives for any area in the home. Why not create a feature wall with our Kitty Arden circular silver heart or place the proudly perched figures chatting sculpture on a tabletop, for example.

The best thing about decoratives is that the right piece in the right spot can completely elevate an interior. To add natural style and depth, we love our leaf sculpture, but if you prefer something historical better select our Buddhist King Cambodian sculpture.

 Luxury Furniture

Furniture is a significant home décor element that adds functional and luxurious elements to a room. At Forwood Design our unique mirror, furniture & lighting designs are based on luxury materials, natural forms and elegant proportions. They are a sophisticated range of classic and contemporary designs to help create that special luxury interior finishing touch. 

For a hallway, we have a selection of console tables, console table mirrors and wall mirrors. For the bedroom, a variety of bedside tables, luxurious dressing table mirrors and bedside lights. As for the sitting room, look no further for gorgeous coffee tables, side tables, lamp tables and colourful table lamps.

Find the tables of your dreams! Some prefer them small and round, others favour tall and rectangle – we love them all. If you’re looking for a stylish lamp table, elegant console tables, a gorgeous side table, a neat bedside table or a luxurious drinks table, be sure to look through our offerings.

Most of our table designs are minimalistic and modern – having metal frames and simple, but elegant proportions. They are designed to fit seamlessly into most interiors whilst elevating the overall look and feel. 

But don’t forget, we boast those statement pieces too. Check out our stunning malachite and lapis lazuli tabletops, our contemporary campaign dining table with bamboo steel legs, or the mango coffee table, part of Forwood Design´s Nature collection. 

Luxury Lighting 

Lamps are considered a statement for interiors and an element to add magnificence in rooms or hallways. Some of our lamps push those statements to the next level. Our dramatic malachite and tortoiseshell table lamps with a luxurious thick brass trim are such pieces. We also feature a stylish collection of classic lighting and bedside lights to suit more traditional living spaces.

Our fabulous lampshade designs are a collaboration with artists Susi Bellamy and Kitty Arden. Due to their colour and design, these shades will bring energy and life to a room to enhance luxury. For vitality and a modern touch opt for Kitty Arden’s hand-painted lamp, or how about Susi’s green lava lampshade for a unique glowing radiance. 

At Forwood Design, we have many collections in different textures, styles, finishes, colours and sizes. We recommend you explore them when discovering your ideal luxury home style. Playing is one of the best home décor ideas so don’t be afraid of exploring new things while you look for your ideal home décor. Invest properly and let your inspiration and creativity guide you. Finally, remember to take your time. Transforming your home into a luxury space requires attention to the small things- so enjoy the journey! 

Find more home décor ideas, accessories, decoratives, furniture and designer lighting to decorate your home on the Forwood Design webpage. Check out our editorial for more home décor ideas. 

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