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A Timeless Collaboration: Henry Forwood & Rachel Winham

Rachel Winham with Shagreen Serving Trays

As avid creators in the interior design space, some collaborations flow with ease. Henry Forwood and Rachel Winham represent a partnership that does just that. With both interior experts creating bespoke luxury pieces, their individual collections, as well as their collaborations together, boast timeless beauty and expert craftsmanship.

About Henry

Henry Forwood is an English designer who has spent the last 30 years developing and manufacturing designs for clients worldwide. A country boy at heart, nature has an enormous impact on all of Henry’s designs, and it can be said that nature is truly the inspiration behind it all. This is echoed in every detail of his work: from his iconic shagreen surface textures to that perfect tray handle inspired by a twig found in the jungle. 

His passion for textures and natural finishes began in his early life. From a young age, Henry was inspired by the unique texture of shagreen, in particular, after being gifted a sword by his grandmother with an original shagreen handle. Henry’s deep-rooted love of textures propelled him to begin training with wood– learning how to create with natural materials. As a modern alchemist of sorts, Henry soon began the process of developing a faux shagreen, noting that the texture and ability of natural shagreen to retain vibrant colour was fascinating to him and a necessary component of his faux shagreen. Now, Forwood Design has one of the only luxury faux shagreen collections that are truly imperceptible from the real thing.

See our  Forwood Design Glossary of Materials for more on our luxury finishes.

Henry Forwood and Rachel Winham: Melding Genius

One of the key reasons that Henry and Rachel collaborate so well together is their shared passion for creating beautiful interiors through their designs. Both Rachel and Henry create inspired pieces that encompass approachable luxury, optimum comfort and quality – with unquestionable functionality.

After launching their showroom in Hampstead four years ago, Rachel Winham Interior Design have gone on to source and design furniture and home accessories – collaborating with visionaries in the industry, including Forwood Design.

Forwood Design is excited to announce our newest additions to our popular Rachel Winham x Forwood Design collection as we delve into the inspiration behind these luxury sets that have been part of our best sellers since day one.

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Forwood Design x Rachel Winham: Newest Additions

The newest additions to the Forwood Design x Rachel Winham collection include some client favourites, available in a gorgeous Dune Shagreen finish, as well as some exciting new pieces with the ever-timeless flavour that is unique to the Henry Forwood and Rachel Winham collection. Now including trays, treasure boxes, tissue boxes, photo frames, coasters and placemats, Forwood Design is delighted to have collaborated on these home accessories now available in Linen White, Midnight and Dune faux shagreen.

Dune Shagreen Finish

Our newest faux shagreen shade, Dune, has quickly become one of our all-time favourites. 

“Rachel has a fantastic eye for colour pallettes and chose a colour she wanted to add to the collection. I was then able to replicate this shade on our bespoke faux shagreen finish.  Finally, I gave her a few samples of different shades / tones – using different sanding techniques. From these swatches, the lovely subtle Dune shade was born,” says Henry.

Photo Frames

A stylish photo frame can showcase your most treasured memories and favourite photographs. Decorative frames with photos of special occasions along your sideboard are a wonderful way of making an interior yours. The combination of shagreen and brass herringbone is a distinguishing characteristic of the RW x FD collection, seen in our beloved Rachel Winham treasure boxes and trays.

“Since this collaboration is such an all-time favourite of our loyal customers, we [Rachel and Henry] felt it was time to expand with new accessories and a new colour – and we’re super excited by the result.”

Tissue Boxes

Disguise unappealing tissue boxes with these functionally designed covers, created with meticulous attention to detail.

“I love the new tissue boxes. The faux stingray patterns are especially visible on this product and work so well with the brass herringbone. Such a strong piece,”
says Henry.

They are crafted with our faux shagreen, lined with ultra-soft suede and finished in our bespoke brass herringbone detail. Our tissue boxes will elevate any luxury interior and are suitable for both modern and traditional room settings. They are now available in shades Linen White, Midnight, and our brand-new Dune finish.