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Kitchen and Dining Room Design Trends

Modern luxury home interiors focus on creating functional spaces with a layer of sophistication. Kitchens and dining rooms are areas where you can connect more to family and friends so a considered design and attention to detail for this space is key. Read on to discover 2022 dining room and kitchen design trends and ideas for reviving your space with furniture, lighting and accessories.

Wood finishes 

The use of organic materials is part of 2022 dining room and kitchen design trends. Our connection to nature is reviving in the post-covid era so materials like wood are a popular home décor finish.

Due to its variety of textures, colours and shapes, wood is a versatile material. It can be included in any home in a variety of ways, such as through an accent to furnishing or as a finish for an accessory. There is always a match for your interior design style!

Our rustic walnut carving board, edged with stainless steel, is perfect for hard chopping and serving delicious cheeseboards to guests. Another favourite is our Tamo Ash Tea Tray finished in the exotic Japanese Tamo ash hardwood. It’s an elegant rectangular drink and serving tray with an exclusive, contemporary handle designed by Henry Forwood. You might also consider our cartridge salt & pepper grinders to decorate your dining table. Chic and handsome, they are made from stainless steel and our Japanese Tamo ash too, in brown and black stain (sold as a pair).

Colour Contrasts 

The use of contrasting colours is one of the the kitchen design trends this year. So, it’s time to experiment with different colour shades to add interest and originality to your kitchen and dining room!

Some home décor you might add to brighten up your dinner table is our bamboo placemats in crimson red. Simple but elegant, these placemats are a wonderful splash of colour to any table setting.

Consider our Lapis Lazuli collection. This collection is a design triumph set on ultramarine blue tempered glass. The collection includes a side table, stunning display trays, coasters and placemats that will inject a stunning visual of blue.

More Metallics 

The combination of metallic materials with other decoratives is part of the 2022 kitchen design trends. Therefore, tactile materials that explore textures and finishes are a must for kitchen accessories. 

Dress up your dining table with some stylish napkin rings. We have a variety of napkin rings in many colours and designs. All of them are made of high-quality sparkling steel.

If you like to entertain in style check out our bar accessories. They’re perfect for all home get-togethers, whether it be small drinks gatherings or magnificent dinner parties. Our faux shagreen and stainless steel bottle opener is a favourite. Combine it with a bottle stopper, a cocktail shaker or an ice bucket to level up your reunions. We also have mobile drink trolleys and a range of serving trays to suit all tastes.

Find more home accessories, decoratives, furniture and designer lighting on the Forwood Design webpage. Be sure to check out our editorial for more home décor ideas. 



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