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Trends in the design world 2023

FD Ceramics Collection Styled

This past season, multiple events in the design, art, and fashion space took centre stage. With London Fashion Week celebrations starting in early October, art and design have been top of mind. Other notable events like PAD London in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square highlighted trends in modern as well as contemporary and historical interior design from globally recognised galleries. Ultimately, 2023’s design trends are showing to include elements of natural and organic materials that invoke a sense of luxury and connectedness to the earth. Clay, wool, cotton, ceramics, and sustainably sourced luxury faux finishes are among the key elements we’ll see in interiors in 2023. 

Read on as Forwood Design details some key interior design trends to take note of. 

Events Showcasing Interior Design Trends

PAD London returned this 12th – 16th October with their first in-person festival in two years, and notable events like the London Design Festival , Maison & Objet, and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair were in full swing, showcasing themes we can expect to see in 2023. Eclectic styles were at the forefront with sustainable design as a central theme shared throughout these exhibits. Repurposed items, natural materials, and paper light fixtures are just a few examples of styles employed by many of the designs shown– most with sustainable initiatives in mind. 

Forwood Design’s Nature-Inspired Interior Collections

Forwood Design’s mission is to bring nature- inspired materials and textiles to your interiors without sacrificing detail or luxury. These decadent interior collections contain faux replicas of traditional shagreen leather, lapis lazuli, tortoiseshell, silver eggshell and malachite finishes – all of which are popular for creating a sense of opulence in luxury interiors.

Natural Home Office Finishes with Tamo Ash: Blonde & Tamo Ash: Ink

It has become a common sentiment that home office spaces are now essential in a post-COVID-lockdown world. Many companies have now implemented hybrid approaches to working, which allows employees to work from home more flexibly. As such, creating a comfortable, productive, and functional home office will continue to be an interior design focus this coming year. 

Adding elements of nature to your home office has shown to promote productivity and creativity. Keeping 2023’s theme of sustainably sourced materials in mind, consider our Tamo Ash Blonde and Tamo Ash Ink desk accessories. These collections promote organisation without sacrificing cohesive style. Henry Forwood believes that no other timber comes close to the remarkable patterns and detail of Tamo Ash. Although Tamo Ash is not on the list of threatened species, it is considered to be a rare material. In order to ensure that excess waste is avoided, Forwood Design uses Tamo Ash in its veneer form instead of using the solid wood.


2023 will witness organic design trends in home interiors including minimalist materials like wood, glass, and clay. Home accessories including handcrafted ceramics are therefore a great way to add a natural feel to your interiors whilst supporting expert craftsmanship. We can expect to see trends in ceramics pertaining to colour, too. Natural, warm tones remain a cornerstone of interior design style and are a good starting point when choosing your home’s colour scheme. 

Consider sourcing pieces from Forwood Design’s latest collection of hand-thrown ceramics in collaboration with British potter and craftsman Paul Mossman. This collection highlights the similarities in both Forwood Design’s and Paul Mossman’s unique styles by incorporating rugged themes of nature as inspiration. Hand-thrown pottery is an artisan craft produced by working clay on a potter’s wheel, and Paul creates our Forwood Design ceramics using methods reminiscent of those used to make some of the earliest wheel thrown pots. These traditional methods ensure each piece is unique, resulting in a truly authentic and artisan product. The Forwood Design collection boasts tableware in Artisan White and Persian green, with unique, natural, and organic style and character. 

See more of our Forwood Design ceramics in collaboration with Paul Mossman here.

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